Setting Up A TeamSpeak 3 Server

I helped a friend, K5HUM, set up his TeamSpeak 3 Server today. It went pretty smoothly once we got going. It appears that most of his friends who were using his Free Radio Network server didn’t like the idea that they were required to hold down a Push To Talk Key. I guess it got tiring on their finger. In any event he heard about how great the VOX was on TeamSpeak, that he would set up one of those. It didn’t take us long to get him up and running.

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FRN Client Problem

I have been running an FRN Client on my Laptop for a couple weeks now without any problems. I also run it on my other computers. Although I have no troubles with the one one the desktop computer, but suddenly I can’t connect with any servers from my laptop. I’ve gone so far as to restore to a previous restore point without success. The program ran fine when I left it last evening, but today its a no-go. It has me perplexed. I know it’s got to be something simple, but I just can’t put my finger on it. I’ll probably trip over the answer, but it escapes me for the time being. Clay, W1PI

ImageLike they say, never a dull minute. It’s a shame too because its been a fun program and I enjoy using it. The fact that the Client software is up and running fine on my desktop computer tells me my network is fine. I even uninstalled and reinstalled the software on the LT and again without success. The mystery continues.

Some Hams Discovering the Free Radio Network FRN

I recently I was talking to Louisiana Ham Radio Operator K5HUM. He asked me if I had any knowledge of a Free Radio Network. I told him I vaguely remembered seeing something about that one time but that was all. Anyway, I looked into it and discovered that it was realy a service that provided software allowing you to use various ham and non ham radios to communicate. Although there was a lot of nets in Europe there weren’t many listed in the U.S.

I downloaded the client software and tried it out and it seemed to work ok but didn’t see too many that I would be able to talk with. I then downloaded the Server software and installed it. Now I am running a “PC Only” FRN server. The network address is, port 10026, net01.  Actually Mike K5HUM was the first in our group to have a server and now we servers online by myself and also K0ATM, Joel, in MO. Our servers are strictly PC Only using VOIP, but you could easily used the software vhf or uhf transceivers.

Software and instruction is available at: Check it out and good luck. 

K5HUM’s Briefing Wiki

Check out the Briefing page on

A lot of very interesting information.